28 August 2011

Summer updates continue

Jellystone camping. It's not really camping. It's kind of like a mini resort camping for kids. But it was super fun. The kids loved it and would love to go again, I'm sure. My mom set up a camping trip during the time she was going to be watching my sister's kids. So all the cousins could have some time to play and catch up. We only get to see them about twice a year.

This place has tons of fun stuff for kids to do. I think the only thing I couldn't really get a picture of was the pedal boats and the kayaks. They had a little pondish area for that and my kids were constantly going over there to row around. They learned quickly how to manuever a kayak and did really well. So we spent lots of time out there. This place also had a small miniature golf area which we didn't even have time to get to. AND, they have a movie at nights. The kids watched Rio while we were there.

As for some highlights that I was able to catch on camera, here's what we did:

They have a hay ride every night.

Yogi Bear and The Ranger? walk around the park every evening. Sometimes it's BooBoo as well.

A few photo op stops:

They have these fun little pedal cars:

Here is the pedal boat/kayak area: (Seconds after this photo was taken, Gabe fell into the pedal boat area water. He wasn't so quick to learn that he could only walk on the wood). AND, notice the cool little play structure in the background.

The cabin all the kids slept in. And me.

And evidence of kids who have been camping :)

And my niece, who when she woke up in the morning, just threw on her cowgirl boots and went walkin'


  1. This is 1 of 2 camping trips Laura did without me this summer. I was so impressed (and a little sad) that she went without me.

  2. That does look fun...and like a lot of work without the hubby! You go Laura!