25 November 2012

Upon request - one chocolate cake please

Abigail just turned 9 years old. She's growing up! We had a small celebration on her birthday with her friend Hailey who turned 9 a couple days later. For birthdays, as early as Abigail's 3rd birthday, +Laura Headley  has been making a delicious chocolate cake. This year, Abigail specifically requested the cake again, since she likes it so much. Also, we had homemade pizza.

The big moment of cake wishing with Hailey participating too -- that's why there are 18 candles!

Since Abigail's birthday falls around the holidays, we had a birthday party a couple weeks early, which she decided to only have a handful of friends to go to a movie with her instead of a larger party which wouldn't be a movie. She took her friends to see Wreck it Ralph. They all loved it. 

I think the theme for Abigail this year was Barbie - she loves the dolls, the clothes, and the accessories -- who wouldn't? 

We're proud of Abigail growing up! It's a little sad to see her become a little lady, but it is amazing how responsible she's become as the oldest sibling in the house, watching kids, doing chores, and having 'serious' conversations. That said, we'll really enjoy Abigail's last year in a single digit while we can. 

Happy Birthday, Abigail!

01 November 2012

Run for Candy

This year, more than any other, our kids were focused on candy collection. Abigail led in the effort declaring she'd be out until midnight trick-or-treating. She talked about how it was Halloween until midnight, so it would be okay.

I took the kids for their first run around the neighborhood.

Gabriel was a real trooper, running with the kids from door to door. Toward the end he got tired and would only want to approach the "scary" houses. So, for the last six or seven houses, he didn't go up. Benjamin, before he realized Gabriel didn't want to go to every house, almost wedged his foot in a door, telling them to wait for his little brother. Good job, Benjamin!

Laura went out on the second shift, while I stayed home with Gabriel who handed out the candy. Some people stopped to take pictures with this cute kid. We call him "face" for a reason.

Laura had a third shift too and this time Collette stayed behind. But Benjamin wanted (and did) keep up with Abigail's zeal to canvas the entire neighborhood.

Abigail = Daffney (from Scooby-Doo)
Collette = a vampire, but the teeth were too cumbersome to wear
Benjamin = spiderman and also Jango Fett at school

Gabriel = Iron Man