26 March 2008

Also known as "Sleeping Beauty"

Here is Collette talking about Snooty Dooty~ Also known to the real world as Sleeping Beauty. She was also angry because I was laughing so hard and making her say it over and over. And if you listen closely you can hear it when she whispers it (those are some of my favorite ones) Enjoy as much I do!!

24 March 2008

FHE: Sharing and playing with Balloons

Tonight, for Family Home Evening (FHE), Laura read a story from the Friend about sharing.

For the activity we played with balloons that Grandma Headley sent the girls for Easter. Lots of fun. Collette's balloon popped, but Abigail decided to share her blue balloon - what results from the FHE lesson!

23 March 2008

Golden eggs

At the Niwot Easter egg hunt both Abigail and Collette found golden eggs. They were able to exchange them for colorful pin wheels.

15 March 2008

Funny Words

So I was laughing the other day thinking about the words my kids use instead of the correct word. You know how it goes, they hear it one way and can't get it out of their mind that it's not right. Or the word they use instead is just so dang cute you can't~err don't~ tell them how to say it correctly. So here are some of my kids words that I don't correct just yet:

Abigail: She asked me not too long ago, "can boys eat girl cheese sandwiches?"
Collette: Will always ask me for a "bit bit" of something instead of a "little bit" of something
Abigail: Continually asks for "hand fives"
Collette: She always sings the jingle bells tune substituting "Tinkerbell, tinkerbell, tinker all the way... open door on sleigh"
Abigail: She'll tell me she has something in her ashlie (eyelash)
Collette: Always asks Dad every morning if he is going to take his "Packpack" to work.
Abigail: Did you put those pictures in a lion (line)

What do your kids say that you love and don't have the heart to correct just yet?? I'd love to hear them.

13 March 2008

Leave your brother alone, Collette

Whenever I leave Ben in the middle of the room--you know to get some exercise or actually attempt to crawl (he's starting that part) Collette inevitably picks him up and drags him around the room. I'm not particularly fond of this because she worries me when she'll get dangerously close to a table, piano, corners, and well, let's be honest, throwing him down on his face. However, as it goes with Collette, her ears are apparently broken so she continues to put him down and then pick him back up to move him to a better spot. It usually ends with me cracking up (and then finally picking him up for good) because she'll keep "responding" to Ben as if he's asked her to move him. She'll say "okay, Ben, you can sit over here then." I'm sure he's eternally grateful for the 2 foot move. Here's some shots of this activity~

04 March 2008

The Best Husband, Ever!

So Joel says it was for my birthday but really we both know it's just because he loves me so much. He won a contest at work and he won this prize but gave it to me...

If you can't tell, it's me showing off my new iphone. And how ironic that at the moment I was taking this picture, Joel was calling. People at work couldn't believe he is giving this to me instead of keeping it and using it. But he knows how much I use my razr phone for all the things I can (email, trying to use maps, web browsing...) and what great use I will get out of this phone. I love it!!! Thanks, Joel :)