27 November 2011

Abigail's Baptism

Abigail was baptized today. We had cousins come and friends come to support her. Uncles and grandfathers participated in the ordinances with Grandma talking about the gift of the Holy Ghost and G-ma giving the closing prayer.

She was baptized with her friend, Hailey, who has a musical family, and was able to share a lovely musical number. Plus, Hailey's uncle gave the talk on baptism.

 The day of her Baptism with Hailey:

The day with me:

Abigail was so happy to be surrounded by her cousins.

We also did pre-baptismal photos for the program. Here's one of my favorites:

Here's a little slideshow we put together for the event. In part, we used it between the baptism and confirmation.

21 November 2011

Pumpkin Patch

I am so behind that I'm just now blogging about going to a pumpkin patch just before Halloween. I took the kids up to Half Moon Bay since I had never been there for pumpkin patches and had heard how fun they are. I had also heard how crazy it is to go on the weekends. So, I ditched Joel and battled the four kids alone so I didn't have to worry about the crowds.

Ben had tons of fun on the horse ride. Go ahead. Click on the picture. See that happy face blown up.

Then there's Gabe, who is so hard to please

It's hard to beat Collette's love for animals, though

However, we might have a winner

After pony rides we saw the petting zoo. Happy kids there. Even Ben.

Collette was in HEAVEN (sing it with me... I'm in heaven...)

Gabe was happy at this distance

And Abigail was just as happy here as with the ponies

They went on a train ride. A lot.

Played in the pumpkin patch

And on the hay bales. It was fun!