25 April 2008

Ben's newest skill

Here's his new skill. He mostly waves at his sisters but I finally got him to wave at me for a second. He seriously won't wave when I have the camera going so I'm surprised I got anything from him. He gets distracted by his feet for a bit. Not so focused! And, as you can tell, his pacifier is his reward...probably not a good idea. Oh well, here it is...

24 April 2008

More fun ...

They like playing on the Google Boulder pool table.

Brought my kids to work

And they witnessed the aclaimed Mike eating fire.

We had a great time at Google with food, SketchUp modelling, video conferencing, and the fire breathing.

19 April 2008

Family fun

We've had a great weekend so far. I took Friday off and went with Laura to the temple. Then, we spent the afternoon playing in the backyard.

This morning I took the girls swimming. We swam for over two hours (long time for me and the girls). Laura came later with Benjamin. Laura got her hair done while the girls played with Cody. Now we're all playing at the mall. We went on a cool train ride (see picture).

We'll get icecream and who knows what's next!

17 April 2008

Crazy Rocky Mountain Weather

So two days ago it was 81 degrees. The kids and I went over to our neighbors for ice cream cones and to run in the sprinklers. Then we came home to have grilled hamburgers for dinner. It felt like spring was here to stay. The next day this is what it looked like with freezing temperatures.

Today is dwindling snow with some sunshine but still cold temperatures. I was so excited the day before yesterday. They say here, "if you don't like the weather, wait 20 minutes." It's so true! I've also heard you can feel all 4 seasons in one day here. That's been true as well. Well, here's to waiting for some warmer spring days. Hope wherever you are, it's the weather you love...

15 April 2008

Ben's misery

This is pretty much Ben's dream come true~well, to get a hold of his sister's hair anyway. I know it's dark, but pretty much every time Abigail comes near, he tries to grab her hair. Then eventually, gets frustrated. This video is thanks to my sister who immediately saw the humor in it.

And I think I will be posting another video of him actually crawling soon so the ladies in my Mom's office will believe us!!

02 April 2008

Benjamin crawls

OK - so, I bought a new video camera just in time. Benjamin crawled for the first time tonight. The video really doesn't capture it, but he really did crawl. He's been pushing and pulling himself with his hands for a bit now, but the real milestone was him lifting his knees and moving them.

I'm serious - he did a couple of good 'steps' off camera. You really see only one knee step below.

By the way, this is the first time I'm using OneTrueMedia. If you're interested in the TiVo channel, let me know, and I'll email it. YouTube is doing maintenance tonight, so I couldn't upload to my channel :-(