02 November 2005

A busy last weekend

On Thursday, after finishing with my fifth grade class, Laura and the kids picked me up to go to the airport. I flew out to San Jose for a job interview. The interview was with an internet company whose main office is in the Silicon Valley. While I was hopeful to get the job, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Last time I felt good about a job after the interview, I didn’t get it. So, I played down the fact that I was interviewing (maybe too much, but that’s another story).

The interview was Friday morning. It went, well, I didn’t think it went very well at all. I suspected the interviewers were unimpressed. I was brought in by a staffing agency, as the position is technically a temporary one until I’ve proven my worth to the company. The recruiter was great and encouraging, but also noted that there was an orientation on Monday. I let her know that, if it were necessary, I could start on Monday, but since I had a flight back to Tucson on Saturday morning, knowing sooner was better. She promised to get back to me by the end of the day. Well, she called around 4:30 with no definitive answer. Apparently the managers were in a meeting* until late.

Twenty minutes to nine the recruiter called with the information. I was to start on Monday.

Sounds like good news, doesn’t it? It is. I’m happy to get a real job. And I’m also happy that I’ll be back in the bay area. But it presents itself with so many problems. For example, right now I’m living at my parents’ house. Laura and the kids are still in Tucson. That sucks. I hate being apart from my family. Second there are the logistics of moving everyone out here without a good place to stay. We’ll be with my parents for a little bit, but anything more than a short stay here will be rather difficult.

Where to live in the bay area on an entry-level salary? It’s problematic. But some solutions may present themselves soon.

Laura and the kids are flying out in a week. I went home last weekend to spend Saturday and Sunday with the family. It was precious time. I hate to be away from my family. I’m hoping a lot of stress will fade when we’re reunited. While my dad was driving me to the airport Saturday morning he noted how much easier it would’ve been without a job here. I mean, I really wanted the job. But it comes with so many new problems and difficulties. But I think this job is a better than being stuck as substitute teacher. At the very least I’m starting a job that will be an excellent résumé builder in the corporate world (uh, I hope).

The following post is by Laura. It is the first time she’s written a post here. These are her first impressions Friday night right after I called her with the good news. I share a lot of the same feelings of excitement and apprehension.