25 June 2009

Happy Birthday, Gabriel

9 lbs 5.2 oz

First bath!

Welcome Gabriel!

Gabriel Dean Headley came into this world at 8:53pm.

Happy Birthday, Gabriel!

21 June 2009

Father's Day Gift

This is my Father's Day gift to my Dad - homemade donuts. We all enjoyed eating them. Let's hope my Dad gets some before they're all gone.

20 June 2009

While The Girls Are Away ...

... the boys will play? No, I'm not talking about my brother's bachelor party (which I wasn't invited to, hmmm).

Laura took the girls to get pedicures for the wedding today. Ben and I took a bike ride to the park. We're trying to get Ben tired out by going up and down slides. Hopefully he'll get a nap before we have to go to the wedding. He's fun to be around, that little Benjamin.

Oh, and no news on the baby front yet.

16 June 2009

Our Ben

While I wait COMPLETELY impatiently for this baby to decide to grace us with his birth, Joel and I have had a few chats about how much we hope Ben adjusts well. He is so fun right now and I don't feel like I do very many posts on just how great he is.

He is so much fun in the mornings when he firsts wakes up. He usually takes this time to play with Joel and loves it. He laughs so much and is *usually* in such a good mood almost all day long. He copies his big sisters all the time and loves to give hugs and kisses. We just love Ben and he brings so much fun to our family.

Oh, and to bring in some good news to our post~ Ben recently had his 2 year well child check and he finally has gained a bit of weight and is out of the 0 percentile for weight. He's all the way up to the 7th percentile for weight and hopefully on his way up to double digits soon!! Yay for Ben! The pediatrician also commented on how well he talks and how intelligible he is. He makes us proud. Here are just a couple recent shots of our great kid

08 June 2009

A Nice Family Night

We had a nice family night. After being able to spend a bit extra time with the family (I watched the kids while Laura had her penultimate OB appointment - we're getting close!!), we had a nice dinner of left overs, two lessons: 1. what makes you happy & 2. learn more about Dad (they're amazed no iPhone when I was young), and finally playing. The girls wrestled while I lifted Ben into the air. Good times. Baths happened without incident. And when Laura was getting real exhausted, I asked each of the kids to crawl into bed. They did!

A good night tonight. I have to document these - they actually *do* happen.