02 January 2012

Food, biking, movies, and party hats

Laura's parents offered to take the kids for New Years. So, Saturday morning we dropped them off, and Laura and I had the weekend to ourselves.

First, we went out to lunch — eating at Vik's Chaat Corner, our favorite place for Indian Chaat in the bay area. You'll enjoy everything you order here, but Laura & I particularly love the Bhatura Chole. 

Then, we were off for dessert in Oakland, stopping by Fenton's, Laura's favorite ice cream shop. 

After napping off the delicious food, we took a short bike ride around Coyote Hills. I'm way out of shape, so I held us back. Laura mentioned how she didn't even break a sweat while I, on the other hand, was seeing black spots every time we stopped moving. We saw a fantastic sunset, though. I grabbed a few good shots with my phone.

We then went to a movie and watched Tom Cruise jump across the tallest building in the world and, then, bang his head. Best part of the movie.

Finally, we stopped at a few friends homes, caught up with them and played some card games, ringing in the new year with noise makers and party hats.