02 January 2012

Food, biking, movies, and party hats

Laura's parents offered to take the kids for New Years. So, Saturday morning we dropped them off, and Laura and I had the weekend to ourselves.

First, we went out to lunch — eating at Vik's Chaat Corner, our favorite place for Indian Chaat in the bay area. You'll enjoy everything you order here, but Laura & I particularly love the Bhatura Chole. 

Then, we were off for dessert in Oakland, stopping by Fenton's, Laura's favorite ice cream shop. 

After napping off the delicious food, we took a short bike ride around Coyote Hills. I'm way out of shape, so I held us back. Laura mentioned how she didn't even break a sweat while I, on the other hand, was seeing black spots every time we stopped moving. We saw a fantastic sunset, though. I grabbed a few good shots with my phone.

We then went to a movie and watched Tom Cruise jump across the tallest building in the world and, then, bang his head. Best part of the movie.

Finally, we stopped at a few friends homes, caught up with them and played some card games, ringing in the new year with noise makers and party hats.


  1. Happy New Year!!!! Miss you guys! Love all the updated post!

  2. Fentons is my fav place for ice cream. The hot fudge is to die for. Ha it three times last month while I was in Cali. Yummy!