15 March 2012

Tongue twisted

Collette lost another tooth. This one looked funny for the last few days with it hanging in her mouth loose.
After a bit of working it around with her tongue, it finally dropped out.
Unfortunately, Collette misplaced her lost tooth just before bed, so she wrote the tooth fairy a sweet note.
The tooth fairy accepted the note and left a dollar coin. We has to explain what kind of "penny" that was left for her.

14 March 2012

Game ball

Benjamin had his first baseball game of the season. Windy and wet, it was sprinkling throughout the game. The kids were cold and a few broke down crying as a result.

Ben had a hard time. First time at bat, he got a little stage fright and didn't give his bat a swing.

I had arrived midway through. Ben, with a combo of cold and fright didn't want to go on the field. I went out with him to be an outfield coach. That made him a bit more comfortable, but his hands were still icy. 

His second try at bat, I went up with him and got him swinging a few practice swings at the plate. After two strikes, Ben hit a solid grounder up the middle. Confused, it took him a bit to run to the bag. Regardless, it was a great turn around from his first attempt.

As a result of his effort, Benjamin received the game ball! He has been excited about receiving trophies and considers this his first one.