26 July 2008

Crazy kids

I've been meaning to post for awhile now about the crazy things my kids do in their every day lives. Nothing spectacular but things that make me laugh and, of course, take a picture.

Ben decided to crawl into the fridge one day.

Abigail decided to pose, too:

Collette decided to show off her funny side with these:

And just because he gets spoiled (or neglected, whichever you prefer) b/c he's the third kid, Ben has already had popsicles. And loves them as you can see!

Lastly, Abigail decided she wanted to play photographer for awhile. Some of you may know of her obsession with her piglet. These were some of the funny pictures I found when we put the camera into the computer~ these may end up being funny only to family and close friends. For the rest~ humor me.

25 July 2008

Our hike in Boulder

Last night we decided to go on an evening hike in Boulder. It's a nice time to go because it's so hot during the day and it was beautiful last night here. The girls loved hiking around and Ben loved the ride!

Here are the girls getting ready to start. They were seriously excited about this. You can tell~ they even hugged for the picture.

Nothing special. Just stopped for a picture on the bridge.

I was so proud of the girls for climbing up this to take a picture. It was Abigail's idea and I didn't think Collette would be on board at all....but she was. Scared as all get out, but she did it!

Right before we left we went down by the water so they could throw rocks in. They had been asking to do that the whole hike. Funny how throwing rocks is so entertaining for kids.
On our way out of Boulder Creek Canyon we saw these deer just hanging out on the side of the road. The kids thought it was cool for like 10 seconds. I was sure we were going to witness the beginnings of a dead rotting deer carcass but they seemed comfortable with the cars whizzing all around them. Good for them. And for us.

23 July 2008

Computer literacy - what does it mean?

I think Abigail is well on her way to computer literacy. Why? Because she called the computer 'stupid.'

Some background:

I've been really happy to let my kids play with the computer recently. Both Collette and Abigail have improved their ability to, not just recognize letters, but also spell. They've been mostly using flash games on PBS Kids, especially, Super Why!

We're quite impressed with Collette's improved skills. Not only do they know how to navigate the games, but they can follow the blue "OK" menu options to get stuff printed. We have lots of printouts hanging up on the fridge.

Back to calling the game 'stupid.'

Abigail couldn't get to the next step in the game. I thought maybe she lost window focus or accidentally opened another program from the dock (OS X). Nope - that wasn't the problem. It was the beach ball of death. The application wasn't responding. Just like so many adults on computers, Abigail thought it was stupid the program was giving the 'Application Not Responding' message.

It's sad that we have to explain the colorful spin wheel means the computer is 'thinking' and she should wait or just start over.

19 July 2008

With the kids at the office

They love playing with all the toys around here. I went without mom, and they wanted her to see how much fun they're having :-)

08 July 2008

Video Chat

I'm in SF, and the family is in Boulder.

And I had a great conversation with the family last night. We used the video iChat. Very nice to be able to see the family and have the see me back, even though we're so far away from each other.

Benjamin was blowing kisses for the first time (hand to mouth + smooch sounds). It's great. I would have missed that with just a phone call. And I don't think he would have recognized my voice anyway.

"I love technology"

04 July 2008

Benjamin's Birthday

We had a small party for Benjamin's 1st birthday. Check out the slideshow below with Ben eating cake and opening a few of the presents he received.