31 January 2009

My Kids Know ...

... how cheap I am.

This is the only way Collette is getting a ride on this thing. I won't give up the quarters.

Surprisingly, the mall is very busy. Doesn't seem like a recession.

Dad & Abigail: Story Time with Donuts

Abigail told Laura that she wanted to go to the Library, just like Collette does while she's at school. Laura said there was story time at 10:30 on Saturday. Abigail asked if she could go by herself, with Dad. We did just that! It makes me feel like a way better person / father than I actually am, just knowing that Abigail wants to spend time alone with me.

We enjoyed story time, read a book about pumpkins, looked at really big books of maps, looked at sculptures, and enjoyed walking around the library.

Afterward's we took a walk to Stan's, eating fresh donuts. When I asked her if she wanted a second donut, she immediately asked, "so we can take it home for everyone else?"

Abigail told me that her favorite thing about school is lunch time with her friends. Also she mentioned tracing all the letters was the hardest thing.

This was a great time for me. I'm so glad Abigail knows how to manage me and asks for time alone. I think I need to make a regular a schedule to do this with my kids.

22 January 2009

Sitting to Eat with the Family

What could be better?

I think the kids actually like the taste of food better when we sit down to eat together. Evidence: Abigail is declaring this is the best food ever and wants to eat it for breakfast and lunch.

17 January 2009

Flips Off the Couch

The girls are flipping out! Head over heals - over the couch.

They just planned saying, in unison, "sisters forever." It's one of those cute things they say to each other to re-affirm their love for each other. Often, one will say "sisters" and the other will respond with "forever." What's amazing is that they started this convention independently. I don't know where it came from. Too cute.

Oh, and sorry for the dup post yesterday. I had connection issues which made me think the first post didn't go through (even though it did).

16 January 2009

Who Has a Hat?

I was invited to watch Abigail's reading lesson this morning. I'm very proud of how well she follows directions and was happy yo hear her read 'Who Has a Hat?'

What a treat this morning! At first, I thought the teacher was going to talk to me about tardies :-)

Who Has a Hat

Abigail demonstrated her crazy good reading skills this morning in her kindergarten class. Parents were invited to attend so I could stick around and watch.

14 January 2009

Goggles == Gobbles

Or so says Collette!

The Girls Love to Swim

They love their goggles too. Abigail is a fish, and Collette will stay close to the wall. With the goggles, Collette shows more confidence, submersing herself and blowing bubbles.

This is our penultimate night with keys to the apartment. We're nearly finished clearing out the apartment. Just a few more things we're hoping someone with a truck can help out with (computer table, exercise bike). Other than missing the heated pool, we'll be happy to have our stuff in one place.

13 January 2009

Baby Boy Smiles

OK - looks more like skeletor than a smiling baby, but you get the picture ;-)

10 January 2009

Moving Day

We're finally moving into a more permanent place of residence. After much searching, we've found a place in Sunnyvale, close to my work and family.

Lots of work to do, and so we're very grateful for HFWD (Headley Family Work Day), where my siblings get together to help out a family member. This week, they'll come to our new rental to unpack boxes (movers dropped everything off yesterday) and move things from the temporary apartment.

Hooray for Headley Family Work Day!

05 January 2009

It's a Boy!

Laura's going to have another boy. We went to an ultrasound this morning, and he waved at Collette.

How cool is that?

According to Abigail, this will make the family even - 3 girls | 3 boys.