24 March 2011

Thor! and pizza - plus other activities

Night out with Ben, and he gets a Thor helmet along with pizza and an icee. He's also going to accompany me on a hometeaching trip.

Last week, Collette and I had hot chocolate from Starbucks. Also, we brought our own board game and played while other had their chess sets out.

Three weeks ago, Abigail and I visited Border's, getting the books that are on sale (the store is closing).

11 March 2011

Broken phone

So, it happened. Gabriel stole Laura's phone and dropped it on the floor. Her Nexus One is broken. And, I was reluctant to give up my Nexus S for her use.

So, with my special phone contact at Google, my brother Jordan, I was able to get another broken (bad USB port) phone and switch the front glass. So, at one point the phone was in many pieces:

But, I eventually did get the phone put back together again. And Laura now has a working phone again. I feel pretty geeky doing all this - and I enjoyed it too.

10 March 2011

Abigail's kindness

For Abigail's night out with me, we went to the bookstore. A typical.activity for us. Unfortunately, the neighborhood Borders is shutting down. But there are still enough books that she could pick from. She found a Fancy Nancy story, where Nancy sacrifices her own wants to make her sister happy.

After reading the story, Abigail wanted to be like Nancy and do something nice for Collette. So, we bought he a fancy holographic cat & dog postcard. When we got home she wrote a note to Collette and gave her the postcard.

The note says:

Dear Collette,

I read a book like I am doing for you. I wanted to do this for you. I wanted to make you happy. You are being nice to me. So I am being nice to you. I hope you like this.

Your sister,

Abigail wrote the note independent of anyones help. She was pretty proud of that. All this goodwill spread as Collette allowed Abigail to help her read tonight - usually she prefers Mom or Dad to help her read.

Oh, and note Abigail lost her second front tooth. She knocked it out after chewing on pizza crust.

06 March 2011

Twin dressers

The girls were so excited the other morning when they got up and dressed in the exact same clothes. Pretty amazing, huh? The photo doesn't capture it all, because under those sweaters, they're wearing the same shirts too. They were pretty proud of each other.

Getting up from the nap

Every once in a while, we don't get to Gabriel as quickly as we should after his nap. In this case, we left a corn starch (baby powder substitute) near his crib. He decided to explore it, because we didn't come the first moment he let us know he was up from his nap.