25 June 2008

Benjamin update - nothing out of the ordinary

Just wanted to let you all know that we've got results from the pathologist regarding the biopsies taken on Friday.

No results (a.k.a. all samples appear normal) - so, no news. On the other hand, Ben is eating well and gaining weight again, and it may not be that important anyway.

Some background
For months our pediatrician was convinced Ben was thin because he was just a kid that got sick a lot. She (and we) assumed once he stopped getting sick, he would gain weight. At one point, Ben got so thin, the doctor wanted to make sure we didn't 'miss' anything (anatomy, genetics, immunology, etc...). That's why we've been doing all these tests. After all this, it seems like the original assumption is true - Ben doesn't have 'deeper' problems. All sicknesses have been just a bunch of bad luck. We may pursue other tests, but if Ben keeps putting on the pounds, there's not much to get worried about. Hooray!

We're very grateful to everyone that keeps Ben in their thoughts and prayers. It has been difficult, and all your loving support helps - thank you.

20 June 2008

Ben is up and better

Just a couple of pictures - Benjamin is awake and seems to be in a better mood. He is drinking apple juice and playing with a toy the nurse gave him.

Also he has an ET-like red finger that fascinates him and Laura.

Thumbs up post-endoscopy

After some unhappiness post-procedure, then Benjamin fell asleep. He gave Laura and I a mid-nap thumbs up.

All the anatomy looks normal and healthy. He got some biopsies and the pathologist will have more information for us by Tuesday.

We're happy that everything went without incident. Now, we're just waiting to go home and get some food.

17 June 2008

Allergic to water

Today, Laura got a text message from the babysitter "Is Ben allergic to water?"

The babysitter is new. Laura was a bit worried, but replied no. When she got home, the sitter explained the context of her question. She was about to give Benjamin some water, and Abigail warned that he was allergic to water. The sitter said she didn't think that was the case, but Abigail retorted, "OK, do what you want, but he's allergic to water."

HA! So convincing -- a little worrisome too.

11 June 2008


My last day in Lake Tahoe at Northstar. Last night we had dinner on the lake in a boat. Nice & relaxing.
I wish the family were here to enjoy the views.

09 June 2008

I'm at Northstar

4 hour bus ride up to Northstar. Then, stand in line for a key. Another shuttle trip to get to cabin. And I pull the key from the envelope - it has no teeth. A blank. Lucky, one of the roommates was already there and answered the door.

Ben's recent appts.

Just a quick update (I'm on a plane to SJC) - Ben is negative for CF (that's good). Nothing very unusual showed up in immunology, except it is clear he's having an allergic reaction. Scheduling an endoscopy this week, which may provide clues as to the culprit.

08 June 2008

Using the iPhone

Just testing out mobile blogging with my second iPhone.

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