26 February 2010

Gabe is crawling

As of last night Gabe has taken his first 'steps' crawling. He's been moving around on his tummy for months. In fact, I think he wasn't crawling earlier because he could get around on his tummy so well.

Go, Gabe, go!

By the way, we also noticed him start to cut his first tooth on Tuesday. Having a month off for baby bonding time has been great.

18 February 2010

Magic Morning

We get in the park an hour early to get on rides with less lines. So far, Peter Pan, Snow White, Dumbo, and the carousel. Next stop? Finding Nemo.

Getting out of the hotel this early was tough but worth it.

Too bad Laura missed it with Gabe sleeping in. We'll see her at the princess lunch.

16 February 2010

Disneyland (yes, again)

Here we are at Disneyland again. It is so much fun! Great deals + winter break + baby bonding time = vacation to the happiest palce on earth.

First ride? Pirates - family favorite.

Ugh - closed! Off to haunted house. Collette has brought some stuffed animals to be brave.