18 February 2010

Magic Morning

We get in the park an hour early to get on rides with less lines. So far, Peter Pan, Snow White, Dumbo, and the carousel. Next stop? Finding Nemo.

Getting out of the hotel this early was tough but worth it.

Too bad Laura missed it with Gabe sleeping in. We'll see her at the princess lunch.


  1. Oh my! We should have coordinated! We were at Disneyland last week! Where are you staying? Maybe you took our room at the Desert Inn and Suites!

  2. Laura was just using Gabe as an excuse. You and I both know she can't get anywhere early in the morning - she would have to get up at 4:00 am to get her hair and makeup done in time for you guys to leave :)

  3. Bliss - that's a shame! Disneyland is much more fun when you know folks at the park. Too bad we planned the trip just as you were leaving on yours. Next time, we'll broadcast this stuff.

    Horsley5 - not true. She would have been there if we didn't have a baby asleep. I think she was ready to go. Regardless - she never sleeps in anymore. If the kids are up, she's up.