20 April 2011

Not to be left out...

Gabe has a lovey that he adores. Perhaps not quite as much as Abigail loved Piglet but a pretty close second. Anytime he gets a sippy cup, he HAS to have stitch with him to drink it. And he HAS to have him to sleep. And he really loves having him in the car. The other day I was folding laundry and he noticed one of the blankets I was folding and kept reminding me it was HIS blanket. But then he kept bugging me about getting stitch for him. So I did. And he proceeded to make sure that stitch was wrapped up in warmth and sitting right next to him in another blanket. He was pretty happy to get a picture taken with stitch as well. Smiles and even a big long "CHEEEEEEEESE" was ready for the camera. Stitch is, by far, Gabe's best friend.

14 April 2011

More great friends

After posting about Abigail and her good friend Ayah, I felt it was only necessary to post about Ben's great friend, Nolan. Ben and Nolan love each other beyond words. They attend preschool together and yet still get together at least an additional two times during the week. Nolan's Mom and I make many trips back and forth between houses. They both love super heroes, toy story, sword fights, and dressing up like spiderman, iron man, batman...etc

It's so fun to watch these boys play. The comment I get the most while these boys are playing is-- "They look JUST like each other" Peas in a pod....

13 April 2011

A great friend

Abigail has made a very best friend this school year. Her name is Ayah and she is such a sweet girl. These girls could play all day long and never tire of one another. Ayah's brother has had an unfortunate acute problem with his eye and has had many hospital visits lately. So, we've taken Ayah in a little more than normal (the girls got to have a sleep over on a school night!!) but it has been heaven for these girls and actually, when your kid has a friend that's a great kid, it can make a moms job much easier as well! Here's to BFF'S!!

And another one down, and another one down...

Or OUT I should say. Another one out.

Again, Collette just walked up to me with her tooth and handed it to me. This girl cracks me up.

12 April 2011

Bean counter plus the mystery of speech

For family home evening we created and implemented a good deeds jar. We'll give a child a bean for every good deed we recognize. Abigail got one for cleaning up her room. Collette received one for helping Ben make a card for his friend Nolan. She did the "to Nolan from Benjamin." And Benjamin was able to get one for being a good listener for the day.

Also, one story from Laura about Collette: while sitting in primary, Collette, sitting a row in front of Laura motions her to come close so she could whisper something. Laura if it could wait. Collette expresses urgency and motions for her to come and lsiten.

Laura: "What's so improtant that it can't wait?"
Collette: "How does your voice come out?" Pointing to her throat.
Laura: "You have vocal folds in your throat that help the sound come out." (the answer of a speech therapist)
Collette: "Oh, ok"

Funny girl. She's so urgent with her curiosity.

09 April 2011

Who needs comic books

Who needs comic books when you have a super hero like this around? Benjamin borrowed an outfit from his preschool friend and is wearing it constantly.

I think that's webbing coming out of his hands.

08 April 2011

Off to explore

On my night out with Abigail this week, we went exploring. It was great fun. We drove towatd the east bay hills, with science music playing in the car. We found Vallejo Mill park, which was a great place for us to do "science" as Abigail kept saying. Thankfully, she brought her purse along and had her magnifying glass inside. We enjoyed investigating the trees, weeds, and landmarks in the area.

Exploring the fountain at Vallejo Mill Park. Abigail noticed an "ancient" plaque and explored for clues on how old it was. Unfortunately, no date was associated with it.

Abgail finds a leaf with some 'mold' on it. (I think it was just damaged / dying). Seems like this is little mallow.

Also, we did some historical investigation inside this "ancient" building - an old flour mill situated closely to the train tracks in Fremont. We met some women that go there regularly to feed the ferral cats that hang around this area.

Abigail was amazed by the plants with round leaves. This miner's lettuce really held her attention, just as it was beginning to get dark.

Of course, we ended this chilly winter night with hot cocoa and a cookie. It warmed us up when it was sprinkling on and off outside. Abigail really enjoyed exploring the unknown. For me, I loved spending the time with her, near these amazing green foothills. They won't last long after the rain stops here.

04 April 2011

Living it up in Fremont

We've been in our house in California for one year. While we miss being close to our friends in Sunnyvale, we couldn't be happier having our own place to call home. And the interest write-off for taxes is nice too.

For those looking for a new place, there are some nice housing developments in the area for an affordable price.

03 April 2011

Visit to the zoo

Saturday, to take advantage of the new, spring sun, we took a trip to the zoo.

We had a great time. I'm amazed by the gorillas. Laura loved the huge lion. Abigail's favorite part was the flamingos. She kept telling me about all the things she did while on her school trip to the zoo last year. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to go,because I was present on so many other field trips. But Abigail remembers it differently, and kept asking me, "remember Dad when we..."

Collette really liked the rhino which took a bath, walked around and ate - quite a show for the spectators. Benjamin enjoyed the zebras. Unfortunately there was a bit miscommunication, and while Laura walked off with Gabriel, I was chasing after the girls. Benjamin was left alone for just a moment. When we realized the error, I doubled back and Ben spent most of the trip in my arms.

Abigail spent most of our time navigating with the map. She really enjoyed showing us around the zoo, with which she was so familiar.

Ben really takes the hippo by the ears.