03 April 2011

Visit to the zoo

Saturday, to take advantage of the new, spring sun, we took a trip to the zoo.

We had a great time. I'm amazed by the gorillas. Laura loved the huge lion. Abigail's favorite part was the flamingos. She kept telling me about all the things she did while on her school trip to the zoo last year. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to go,because I was present on so many other field trips. But Abigail remembers it differently, and kept asking me, "remember Dad when we..."

Collette really liked the rhino which took a bath, walked around and ate - quite a show for the spectators. Benjamin enjoyed the zebras. Unfortunately there was a bit miscommunication, and while Laura walked off with Gabriel, I was chasing after the girls. Benjamin was left alone for just a moment. When we realized the error, I doubled back and Ben spent most of the trip in my arms.

Abigail spent most of our time navigating with the map. She really enjoyed showing us around the zoo, with which she was so familiar.

Ben really takes the hippo by the ears.


  1. I love the zoo - almost as much fun as Disneyland. And you're not the first (nor the last, I'm sure) to do an about face to get your kid. I left Laura in the stroller in Disneyland when I returned it (for about 5 seconds). I guess I thought the kid came with the stroller. A scary moment.

  2. I once left Emily in the stroller while I went on the zoo train with Allison. Emily was about 18 months old. I realized my mistake as I turned to give her a snack. Oops! We managed to get off just in time and found her happily waiting in the middle of about ten other strollers. Saturday was lovely! Looking forward to warmer weather sticking around for a while.

  3. Rich's parents left his brother at a gas station once while they were on a road trip. A cop had to chase after them and flag them down and ask if they'd lost a child. They had no clue:) We love the zoo, too. And you guys live so close to the Oakland Zoo now. Cool.

  4. I was once left somewhere on a road trip too. Thankfully, my family was stuck at a red light as I ran down the street waving my arms for them to wait.

    For Ben, it was good he cried and made a fuss. It meant a group of people were surrounding him, trying to help. Makes me feel good he wouldn't go quietly with a stranger.

  5. BTW - Kim, it is nice to live close to Oakland Zoo. In this case, though, we're up in SF. We have an annual pass, in case anyone wants to meet us there.

    We have lots of annual passes this year...