04 April 2011

Living it up in Fremont

We've been in our house in California for one year. While we miss being close to our friends in Sunnyvale, we couldn't be happier having our own place to call home. And the interest write-off for taxes is nice too.

For those looking for a new place, there are some nice housing developments in the area for an affordable price.


  1. What's affordable mean? We'll have to find a new place to live in January-ish of 2013.

  2. Way more affordable than Sunnyvale with a great elementary school and a great preschool that costs half of what a certain sister-in-law ;) in Sunnyvale pays for double the time. Plus, we have a super street with lots of kids AND you'd have especially amazing neighbors.
    The down side...young Moms are few and far between in my ward.

  3. I just looked at redfin and there's a house for sale on your street:) Wouldn't that be a party! Well, we'll keep this all in mind for down the road. I checked around your zip code and there really some affordable options and some decent schools.