18 December 2004

2004 Christmas letter

Things are changing in the Headley house, as in many of your houses, and we thought we should get out our yearly letter. First, we are hoping that all of you are enjoying your holiday season. We certainly are here in Tucson. To begin with our biggest news, we are happy to announce that on the 25th of May another little girl will be joining our family! It may sound crazy to some of you ~ having our children so close together, but believe it or not, it is planned. We are very excited and hope that Abigail will be just as excited to have a little sister in the house. It’s also especially exciting for me because my sister is also pregnant again and is due just a month before me.

Another big change in our lives - Joel has chosen to finish his program with a Masters and start work elsewhere. For the spring he will be teaching in the same school district that I presently work in and beyond that is still up in the air. There are many options and possibilities open that look new and exciting to us. We are interested to see where this may take us next.

Abigail is growing quickly and has become quite the handful. It’s amazing to me that she has passed her year mark. She has been walking since just before 10 months. She has evolved into the ultimate busy toddler in the last 3 months. She is a piece of heaven here in our home, but don’t be fooled by her cuteness, she has a mind of her own already and has put her parents to the test many times. She loves music, dancing, reading books, and playing with neighborhood friends. She understands so much of what we say and is coming along with her speaking. She is doing especially well with using the sign language I have taught her to communicate with us. We are confident that she will make a great big sister. She adores other children and has already become a social butterfly, just like her Mom. We love her dearly and wish all of you could get to know her someday.

We recently were able to visit our Nation’s Capital and from there we send you our wishes of Peace for our world . We can only hope that those in the house in our background will work for the same well wishes. We hope all is well and your holidays are filled with joy. Happy Christmas to all.