28 October 2007

I love fall

This is my favorite time of the year. I used to love from Thanksgiving to Christmas, which I still do, but I really enjoy this time of year now. It's especially fun in Boulder where there are lots of leaves to play with and really be able to decorate my house up. We had some fun cleaning up the other day-enjoy!


Most of the time, this is how I see my son:

However I can't take him outside the house without someone--usually many people-- saying what a surprised look he has on his face. Because to them he looks like this:

He does look like that often enough. But he is so quick to smile I think it helps. Ben's a great baby most of the time--I could complain a little about his interrupted sleeping at night, but for the most part, he is great. Collette still adores him and I found her reading to him the other day. I thought it was pretty cute so I ran and got my camera

23 October 2007

Harvest Festival

This past Saturday we had a Harvest Festival at our house. Around 25 kids came--plus their parents-- but it was loads of fun. There was apple bobbing, butternut squash bowling, donut eating from strings, a homemade bean bag toss-compliments of my dear husband, sugar cookie decorating, plus great food and yummy fall drinks--wassel and even orange hot chocolate!

Our kids had a blast--well Abigail and Collette. Ben slept through most of it. He is starting to get a bit overwhelmed when there are a lot of people around--so it was for his benefit.

This is my favorite time of year and I loved having this at our home. I got to decorate the house-picture coming later--and go above and beyond my average stress level to really feel the spirit of fall here. And thanks to Joel for dealing with all of my demands for him the last two weekends. He can now resume his normal husband duties on the weekends!

Enjoy the pictures and I will try to keep this post going. I will hopefully make it a hobby.