16 November 2008

Last Day in Louisville Ward

What can I say? We'll miss the ward. Great people - great conversations. 

This is Benjamin with Jon. Ben loved to hang out with Jon.

14 November 2008

Ugh: We're Moving

The packers are here, and there's still a lot for us to make sure they do / don't pack so it gets to the right place (temp. housing, storage, or even on the plane).

Update: Everything is in boxes. Laura & I got really sad. The truck comes Monday. There's still much to do.

10 November 2008

Laura Rides a Bike

So, we dropped the girls off at pre-school today. They rode their bikes up. We brought their bikes back to the house, because we're picking them up in the car to go to the mountains.

I rode Abigail's bike home, and Laura took the tricycle. I quickly snapped this picture.

09 November 2008

Saturday night games

Our good friends and neighbors, the Campies, came over after putting their kids down to play games. They've introduced us to Hand & Foot. It's fun, but Bill & Meredith aren't used to staying up this late.

I missed an opportunity for good pictures today, though. We had a goodbye party and many friends from the neighborhood, work, & church dropped by to help us eat food. I intended to give Abigail the camera with instructions to take pictures. Bummer. I took this one to make up for it.

08 November 2008

New Google Swag

Just ordered some fun things from Google. The hats & bouncy balls are a big hit.

06 November 2008

Because I'm inspired

Not all of you may be as inspired as I am by Obama. But I love this video. Thanks Meliss

05 November 2008

Halloween: Some Professional Pics

At the neighborhood Halloween party, a professional photographer took some pictures of the kids. You can find more of the photographer, Shawn Lortie, at his website.

04 November 2008

Even the young are affected by the election...

So tonight I warned the girls the TV would be on Mommy's show all night until they went to bed. Around 6:30 we were all sitting around the TV eating pizza. There was a quiet moment and Abigail spoke up. I literally couldn't believe what her little mouth said. She turned to Collette and said, "Let me tell you something, Collette, I've seen a lot in my life and this is BIG"

I seriously just turned and stared blankly at her.

Then the same girl when she got out of the bath and had put her princess pajama dress on and had her hair combed started singing around my room and ran to a mirror and said, "There once was a girl who loved looking at herself in the mirror...."

Oh My Gosh.

Did you vote?

Here's a look at who is the next President

Hooray for Google Gadgets!


Halloween and the day before were super busy days for us. This is a long blog post mostly for family that want to see every moment of things that happen with these kids!! For the rest of you, hang in there :)

Thursday the girls had their Halloween party/parade at preschool. They had some super cute songs that they sang to everyone and then paraded around the school for all to see.

Here's Collette during her star performance:

And Abigail doing just the same. The girl to the left of Abigail is her BFF, Amelia. She will greatly miss her...

Collette right before the parade started~

I don't have a picture of Thursday night. We had our trunk or treat at church. It was a lot of fun with a good turn out. Some people really did a lot to their cars. It amazing to see the lengths people go to... it's a goal when I don't have three little kids to drive me crazy running around a parking lot, caring less where I'm at!

Friday morning we had a neighborhood Halloween party. This is one of the many reasons I will miss my neighborhood so much. Everyone came together and put on a great party. People donated their jumpy castles, talents of photography, making food, painting faces... all kinds of stuff. And this is nothing unusual for our neighborhood. Love it. The kids had a great time.

Here's the cutest turtle I've ever seen!!

Here's Collette getting her face painted.

And Abigail...

Here are some of the kids at the party. Some were too busy to get in the picture~ like Abigail who was getting her face painted at the time. Collette and Ben are on the far left of the picture.

After the neighborhood party we went downtown to Pearl St where all the stores handed out candy. It was madness but fun for the kids.

Here is Collette in a dream come true...she loves anything that is dressed up as an animal. Well, it's probably because she believes there are 100% real.

Again the cutest turtle ever!!

We then came home, had dinner and went trick or treating around the neighborhood for about an hour and a half and really didn't even make it all that far!!

And of course, at the end of the night Abigail was in love with her hair and make-up so she had Dad take a picture!

03 November 2008

Cousin-ly love

I took this picture 18 October in California. We went to the farmer's market with Debbi and her kids.

I love the family affection being expressed here.

Here are some more photos:

Now that my phone is widely available at T-mobile stores, I can post photos that have been modified with cool Android apps! Talk to my brother, Jordan for your purchasing options.

Update: added slideshow of other pictures from this day.

02 November 2008

Are you kidding me?

Cost per gallon $2.319: Superior, Colorado - Costco

I'm surprised we filled the van for under $40. 

Amazing. I'm sure cutting production will 'stabilize' the price. Thanks OPEC.

Update: On 10 Nov, Costco gas was $2.039. Beat that CA - please.

Tom and Jerry

Awhile back Ben fell off the couch. There are times when the kids fall down and I pick them up and see if I can find where they've hurt themselves. I knew Ben fell pretty hard but I assumed it might be the same senario. I pick him up, don't see anything, feel badly for him, and let him go play. But instead, I picked him up and immediately there was a HUGE bump on his head.

He was screaming and Abigail wanted to see what happened. I showed her Ben's head and she said, "It's like Tom and Jerry!!" I thought it was so funny that to her, a big giant bump that immediately rises to the top only happens in Tom and Jerry. These aren't the best pictures of it but it's what I could do at the time: