10 November 2008

Laura Rides a Bike

So, we dropped the girls off at pre-school today. They rode their bikes up. We brought their bikes back to the house, because we're picking them up in the car to go to the mountains.

I rode Abigail's bike home, and Laura took the tricycle. I quickly snapped this picture.


  1. That is a great picture, I think it should be framed.

  2. Can you imagine what's going through her mother's mind when she looks at this picture!

  3. Ha! That's pretty funny. Great pic.

  4. I'm enjoying my G1 phone that will take pictures & then I can draw on top of them. Unfortunately, the camera isn't great (shutter spead & responsiveness poor), but I love carrying only one device.

    @jacque: I could guess, but you could share :)