04 November 2008


Halloween and the day before were super busy days for us. This is a long blog post mostly for family that want to see every moment of things that happen with these kids!! For the rest of you, hang in there :)

Thursday the girls had their Halloween party/parade at preschool. They had some super cute songs that they sang to everyone and then paraded around the school for all to see.

Here's Collette during her star performance:

And Abigail doing just the same. The girl to the left of Abigail is her BFF, Amelia. She will greatly miss her...

Collette right before the parade started~

I don't have a picture of Thursday night. We had our trunk or treat at church. It was a lot of fun with a good turn out. Some people really did a lot to their cars. It amazing to see the lengths people go to... it's a goal when I don't have three little kids to drive me crazy running around a parking lot, caring less where I'm at!

Friday morning we had a neighborhood Halloween party. This is one of the many reasons I will miss my neighborhood so much. Everyone came together and put on a great party. People donated their jumpy castles, talents of photography, making food, painting faces... all kinds of stuff. And this is nothing unusual for our neighborhood. Love it. The kids had a great time.

Here's the cutest turtle I've ever seen!!

Here's Collette getting her face painted.

And Abigail...

Here are some of the kids at the party. Some were too busy to get in the picture~ like Abigail who was getting her face painted at the time. Collette and Ben are on the far left of the picture.

After the neighborhood party we went downtown to Pearl St where all the stores handed out candy. It was madness but fun for the kids.

Here is Collette in a dream come true...she loves anything that is dressed up as an animal. Well, it's probably because she believes there are 100% real.

Again the cutest turtle ever!!

We then came home, had dinner and went trick or treating around the neighborhood for about an hour and a half and really didn't even make it all that far!!

And of course, at the end of the night Abigail was in love with her hair and make-up so she had Dad take a picture!

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