04 November 2008

Even the young are affected by the election...

So tonight I warned the girls the TV would be on Mommy's show all night until they went to bed. Around 6:30 we were all sitting around the TV eating pizza. There was a quiet moment and Abigail spoke up. I literally couldn't believe what her little mouth said. She turned to Collette and said, "Let me tell you something, Collette, I've seen a lot in my life and this is BIG"

I seriously just turned and stared blankly at her.

Then the same girl when she got out of the bath and had put her princess pajama dress on and had her hair combed started singing around my room and ran to a mirror and said, "There once was a girl who loved looking at herself in the mirror...."

Oh My Gosh.

1 comment:

  1. This is BIG. She is so funny!

    It's a new day with new hope.