12 April 2009

The Name Game

Alright. For the first time, we're really at a loss to the boy's new name. Laura and I can't really settle on anything.

So, choose one from each group. And give us suggestions, if you have something better.

11 April 2009

Oblique Imagery

This week we had a bit of a scare. Laura's OB said that it appeared the baby had some kind of mass in his brain based on an ultrasound the previous week. All of the possible explanations were not desirable: fluid accumulation in the brain, tumor growth, possibly cancerous, or just a malformed brain.

As it turns out, it was none of these. We saw a perinatologist. He saw only normal structures, which is very good. He looked at both the brain & the heart (Collette had VSD). The doctor also explained why they thought there was a defect, and I'll give it a shot at explaining it here.

Since an ultrasound produces a cross-section image, it's hard to get a full picture of 3D being. In this case, the first ultrasound tech, took an oblique image (instead of a Frankfurt plane, perpendicular to the anterior-posterior axis). The lack of symmetry isn't expected when the proper image is in view. Upon review of the tape, and because the doctor assume the proper Frankfurt plane was displayed, they assumed an anatomical abnormality.

At the ultrasound on Wednesday, the doctor found it wasn't an anatomical problem, but rather an imaging one.

Phew. It was a difficult few days there, but we're glad it was just a slanted picture.

03 April 2009

A Happy Ending

So I realize that most people get excited when they become home owners. As of Wednesday at 4:45pm Joel and I celebrated the fact that we are no longer home owners. Yes, our house in Boulder, Co is officially sold and off the market. It's a nice weight to have off of our shoulders. As excited as I am, I did LOVE that house and I will miss it. I have missed it since we've moved back to California. When I told Collette that our house sold she said, "but how are they going to bring it to us in California?" I think she thought that since our house "sold" we must be the ones who are buying it. Sorry, not to be Collette.


01 April 2009

baby #4

Today I had an ultrasound done. I have a low lying placenta so I get a few extra ultrasounds to make sure it's going in the right direction or else...(play dramatic music in your heads now)...I have to have a c-section. I was hoping today would tell us one way or the other but the ultrasound tech said it still might be too close to call. I have to wait until I talk to my OB on Monday. Anyway, the fun part was getting to see this baby again and see how he's grown. And boy is he ever growing!! The tech took all his measurements and then sat at her desk to do the numbers. She started laughing and then asked me if I have ever had a big baby before. I mentioned Collette (9 lbs 4 oz) and she said, "Good, because this one is running in the 90th percentile for weight already." Right now, he's about one pound more than the average baby.

She also mentioned that he is truly a cute baby already. And apparently, I should trust her because she sees lots of babies and they definitely don't all look as cute as he does! So here is the photo shoot from the day. And I trust her...He looks like a pretty darn cute baby to me, too