31 October 2008

Girls on Bikes

I come home (again) from another trip to California. The girls, as they told me over the phone earlier, are each getting better at riding their bikes. This was something initially difficult for Abigail, but she's gotten over her fears and is riding her big-girl like a champ!

Go Abigail & Collette!

24 October 2008

Even though I'm not going to win something...

My good friend Raysha has started her own business. She makes ADORABLE diaper bags, burp rags, aprons etc.... Please check out her site and take a look around!!


23 October 2008

Few days left in California

I've had a nice time here in California with Laura and the kids. A lot has happened! We've looked at schools and neighborhoods for our move back, spent time with family, reconnected with old friends, and mourned the loss of another.

While I'll be traveling back and forth, we'll plan to be moved back before Thanksgiving. So, if we missed you this trip, we'll be sure to see you during the holidays.

And for our friends in Colorado, we're going to cram as much visiting in as possible before we move back to the west coast.