31 August 2008

Sweet Abigail....

Many times on Sundays I arrive at church later than the rest of the family because I've let Ben finish out his nap. This Sunday didn't seem to be any different. Ben went down at 11 (church starts at 1) so by noon, I was deep in getting the girls ready for church. I was just getting lunch on the table when Ben woke up more than an hour early. Needless to say, I just finished getting everyone else ready and had Joel take everyone to church and leave me to try to get ready as fast as possible and meet them there.
Victoria, our neighbor and friend, was sitting behind Joel and the kids during Sacrament. She leaned forward and asked Abigail where I was. Abigail responded, "She's still at home getting prettier."
Thanks Abigail.

24 August 2008

Visit to Estes Park during Heritage Days

Saturday, we were going to make our first trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park. Well, we didn't quite make it. Though, you'll see the mountains in the background of some of these pictures. We decided to stop in Estes Park and stayed there. The lake was a beautiful, windy site. A goose lingered close and both girls were interested. I got a few pics of the girls and Ben huddling together at the lake. 

Below you'll see Collette stalking the goose.

Everyone (with Dad as photographer) stopped to take some pictures by a creek (Big Thompson River? - more like a creek to me).  I love some of the expressions Ben is giving below. 

Just before dinner, the kids stopped off at a petting zoo. 

23 August 2008

My two favorite You Tube Videos

Okay~ I just want to share my love for these two videos. If anyone else gets a laugh out of these like do, it was worth putting them up. First we have my absolute favorite right now. I watch this thing way too much. It reminds me a lot of the city I grew up in. Yes, there are girls JUST like this that I went to high school with. Please enjoy the show:

Next we have the video that was brought to my attention by my friend Alisa. As soon as I saw this, I called my sister and made her watch it. For those who haven't enjoyed this video on Alisa's blog, please enjoy it here:

21 August 2008

An afternoon at the movies

I took the kids to see the new 3-D movie Fly Me to the Moon. The kids enjoyed it and I semi enjoyed following Ben around the theater. I wouldn't normally even put these pictures in here but I have to point out and make sure everyone else laughs at Abigail in these pictures. Do you notice anything about her pose? She is literally posing the same in all, on purpose. She never even takes a bite of that popcorn she keeps pretending to put in her mouth....

20 August 2008

Boulder Reservoir

Yesterday we went to the reservoir. We did not have a very summer like weekend so as soon as it started to warm back up~ we were outside, in the water. Here are some shots of the kids and their friends playing at the "beach"

He was so fun to clean up after this~

Here's Collette and her friend Braia

Abigail and her friend Zeke~

Abigail trying to warm up after a long stay in the water~

15 August 2008

Headley's visit

Joel's parents came to visit and I thought I'd just post some of the highlights of their trip out here. We've had a great time and we LOVE when people come to visit (Tammy~we're ready for ya!!). Anyone who's interested should make a trip out!! Thanks Steve and Vicki for coming!

We took them hiking~

They took us to Costco where Ben had a great time~

We went to downtown Boulder to play around in the water~

And to climb on the rocks~

Took us to the waterslides~

And the amusement park~

They took the girls to gymnamstics~

And to Chuck E Cheese~

Oh Yeah~ they also turned my daughter into a playboy model. Wait....that's just Abigail being herself. Nevermind!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a great time! We love you!!!

Good hygiene or bad parenting? You decide...

So this is Ben's new and favorite thing to do:

So I don't really stop him~ that's why it could be more than good hygiene. If he's doing this and I pull him away so he doesn't fall off~ he throws a huge tantrum. So often I just leave him on the step stool while I'm in the next room and so far so good. So for now~ it's just clean teeth!! Funny guy. He just tries so hard to do whatever the girls are doing.