23 August 2008

My two favorite You Tube Videos

Okay~ I just want to share my love for these two videos. If anyone else gets a laugh out of these like do, it was worth putting them up. First we have my absolute favorite right now. I watch this thing way too much. It reminds me a lot of the city I grew up in. Yes, there are girls JUST like this that I went to high school with. Please enjoy the show:

Next we have the video that was brought to my attention by my friend Alisa. As soon as I saw this, I called my sister and made her watch it. For those who haven't enjoyed this video on Alisa's blog, please enjoy it here:


  1. Memories!! I can name at least five girls off the top of my head from high school and probably five guys too. The guy reminds me of Fred White who showed us his GSW's during Psychology - he really was a nice guy though. Thanks for putting these on there.

  2. Those are fanstastic! I've already spent many minutes of my workday watching them multiple times. Let's hope my boss hasn't noticed...