31 August 2008

Sweet Abigail....

Many times on Sundays I arrive at church later than the rest of the family because I've let Ben finish out his nap. This Sunday didn't seem to be any different. Ben went down at 11 (church starts at 1) so by noon, I was deep in getting the girls ready for church. I was just getting lunch on the table when Ben woke up more than an hour early. Needless to say, I just finished getting everyone else ready and had Joel take everyone to church and leave me to try to get ready as fast as possible and meet them there.
Victoria, our neighbor and friend, was sitting behind Joel and the kids during Sacrament. She leaned forward and asked Abigail where I was. Abigail responded, "She's still at home getting prettier."
Thanks Abigail.


  1. Let's see now...Laura is 20+ years old and in 1992 we lived one block from the church and at that time, as a teenager, she still could not get to church on time because she was "getting prettier". Interesting pattern yet she blames her one year old son....

  2. That would be me. I don't think I can ever make it on time for church. I actually did for the first time in a long time this past Sunday. It is only going to be worse that more kids I have.

  3. I love Mom's comment!!! That would be the "outside" perspective. But isn't it great when your kids root for you - sometimes they're the only ones :)

    By the way - Mom - Laura turned another decade - but I love that you're buttering her up right before you slam her - ha ha ha

  4. That is so funny. I miss all the cute things Abigail says. Dallin and Spencer miss playing with Abigail and Collette too.

  5. kids say the darndest things. I am worried that Saylor is is old enough now to dish the dirt on us!!