03 September 2008

The Student

Yesterday Joel started playing his saxophone. Usually when he does this, Collette goes running for the play saxophone. She did, as usual, but then she left to go pet a kitty out front. So, Ben picked up the play saxophone and started playing with Dad. You should click on the picture to get a better idea. The funniest part when you do that, is that you will see that Ben pulled out his pacifier long enough to play the saxophone and then returned it promptly. We've got to do something about that, I know...Sorry the picture is not great, but it was too cute not to post!

Oh, and please don't pay attention to the messy room they're playing in!


  1. I'm totally appalled by your messy room. I can't believe you would even post that picture. Even if Ben is too cute copying Dad.
    Fun stuff.

  2. Ben is too cute. It's so funny with the pacifier too.