17 September 2008

Happy Birthday Mom (a late blog post, I know)

So my parents came to visit. They left last week. I'm really behind in my blog posting... Anyway, they came for a few days and we had a great time. There would be more pictures if they hadn't forgotten their camera. Relying on me is not a good thing. I often forget to bring my camera (many times in important situations). While my parents were here my Mom was able to celebrate her birthday. The girls were really excited to wake her up in the morning with balloons and cards. They also decided it would be fun for Grandma (Gma as they call her) to spend some of her birthday at Chuck E Cheese, because that's what someone should *want* to do on their birthday, right?

So my Mom gives in, happily, to the idea of Chuck E Cheese on her birthday. I thought to myself, "what a good sport!" However, the idea of my mother's selfless act all changed once we arrived at Chuck E Cheese. This woman was a mad woman!! She was challenging everyone to games, doing all she could to win tickets, and dare I say, upset if she didn't win the most :)

One game that she challenged me to was a water shooting game. I'm sure all you parents with kids that go to Chuck E Cheese have seen it. You shoot the water at the bulls-eye and whoever fills up the fastest wins. We must have played this game 4 or 5 times because...well~ what can I say? I'm good!! Actually the machine seemed to malfunction once or twice but the times I did win- she would immediately challenge me again. I knew my Dad was competitive but really after all these years, I had no idea my Mom had such a competitive streak to her as well. Especially at Chuck E Cheese.

Thanks to Mom and Dad for coming out here. We all had a good time.

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