15 August 2008

Good hygiene or bad parenting? You decide...

So this is Ben's new and favorite thing to do:

So I don't really stop him~ that's why it could be more than good hygiene. If he's doing this and I pull him away so he doesn't fall off~ he throws a huge tantrum. So often I just leave him on the step stool while I'm in the next room and so far so good. So for now~ it's just clean teeth!! Funny guy. He just tries so hard to do whatever the girls are doing.


  1. That's so cute. Ben seems to be gaining weight--is he? I wouldn't mind him doing this as long as he's not using MY toothbrush:).

  2. sorry, the last post was actually from Kim Bond--sorry I guess Rich was logged in:)

  3. So fun to read up on all the excitement in the Hedley family. Holy Cow, what's up with Ben in the hospital? The girls just get more and more beautiful. Can't a believe how big they are getting.
    Hey lost my phone again, so call me some time and we'll catch up.

  4. Yes, Ben is gaining weight! Not at a rapid pace or anything~but definitely doing much better!! Thanks for noticing...