26 July 2008

Crazy kids

I've been meaning to post for awhile now about the crazy things my kids do in their every day lives. Nothing spectacular but things that make me laugh and, of course, take a picture.

Ben decided to crawl into the fridge one day.

Abigail decided to pose, too:

Collette decided to show off her funny side with these:

And just because he gets spoiled (or neglected, whichever you prefer) b/c he's the third kid, Ben has already had popsicles. And loves them as you can see!

Lastly, Abigail decided she wanted to play photographer for awhile. Some of you may know of her obsession with her piglet. These were some of the funny pictures I found when we put the camera into the computer~ these may end up being funny only to family and close friends. For the rest~ humor me.


  1. I haven't given Benjamin a Popsicle yet i guess I should give him on to try. I love that they are in the fridge Benjamin tries to climb in every time I open it.

  2. I love Ben climbing in the fridge. That's hilarious.

  3. I love that it's all about Piglet. I really loves that he looks dead lying on the table outside! All the pics are great though.