21 August 2008

An afternoon at the movies

I took the kids to see the new 3-D movie Fly Me to the Moon. The kids enjoyed it and I semi enjoyed following Ben around the theater. I wouldn't normally even put these pictures in here but I have to point out and make sure everyone else laughs at Abigail in these pictures. Do you notice anything about her pose? She is literally posing the same in all, on purpose. She never even takes a bite of that popcorn she keeps pretending to put in her mouth....

1 comment:

  1. Abigail makes me laugh. One minute she is 18--fake posing for the camera with popcorn, the next she is a baby again taking picture of piglet--I didn't know he was still in existence. Last night Snow was like "you know who I miss? the Headley's--I miss having smart funny people around."