12 April 2011

Bean counter plus the mystery of speech

For family home evening we created and implemented a good deeds jar. We'll give a child a bean for every good deed we recognize. Abigail got one for cleaning up her room. Collette received one for helping Ben make a card for his friend Nolan. She did the "to Nolan from Benjamin." And Benjamin was able to get one for being a good listener for the day.

Also, one story from Laura about Collette: while sitting in primary, Collette, sitting a row in front of Laura motions her to come close so she could whisper something. Laura if it could wait. Collette expresses urgency and motions for her to come and lsiten.

Laura: "What's so improtant that it can't wait?"
Collette: "How does your voice come out?" Pointing to her throat.
Laura: "You have vocal folds in your throat that help the sound come out." (the answer of a speech therapist)
Collette: "Oh, ok"

Funny girl. She's so urgent with her curiosity.

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