08 April 2011

Off to explore

On my night out with Abigail this week, we went exploring. It was great fun. We drove towatd the east bay hills, with science music playing in the car. We found Vallejo Mill park, which was a great place for us to do "science" as Abigail kept saying. Thankfully, she brought her purse along and had her magnifying glass inside. We enjoyed investigating the trees, weeds, and landmarks in the area.

Exploring the fountain at Vallejo Mill Park. Abigail noticed an "ancient" plaque and explored for clues on how old it was. Unfortunately, no date was associated with it.

Abgail finds a leaf with some 'mold' on it. (I think it was just damaged / dying). Seems like this is little mallow.

Also, we did some historical investigation inside this "ancient" building - an old flour mill situated closely to the train tracks in Fremont. We met some women that go there regularly to feed the ferral cats that hang around this area.

Abigail was amazed by the plants with round leaves. This miner's lettuce really held her attention, just as it was beginning to get dark.

Of course, we ended this chilly winter night with hot cocoa and a cookie. It warmed us up when it was sprinkling on and off outside. Abigail really enjoyed exploring the unknown. For me, I loved spending the time with her, near these amazing green foothills. They won't last long after the rain stops here.

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