26 February 2010

Gabe is crawling

As of last night Gabe has taken his first 'steps' crawling. He's been moving around on his tummy for months. In fact, I think he wasn't crawling earlier because he could get around on his tummy so well.

Go, Gabe, go!

By the way, we also noticed him start to cut his first tooth on Tuesday. Having a month off for baby bonding time has been great.


  1. It's so fun when they get all the body parts working together. Watch Ben get on his hands and knees to race him.

  2. YAY go Gabe! I love watching babies learn to crawl.

  3. laura, the voting closed last night... that's why you couldn't vote. :) thanks for trying though. someone else won by like 60 votes. she must know a lot of people. haha!