31 January 2009

Dad & Abigail: Story Time with Donuts

Abigail told Laura that she wanted to go to the Library, just like Collette does while she's at school. Laura said there was story time at 10:30 on Saturday. Abigail asked if she could go by herself, with Dad. We did just that! It makes me feel like a way better person / father than I actually am, just knowing that Abigail wants to spend time alone with me.

We enjoyed story time, read a book about pumpkins, looked at really big books of maps, looked at sculptures, and enjoyed walking around the library.

Afterward's we took a walk to Stan's, eating fresh donuts. When I asked her if she wanted a second donut, she immediately asked, "so we can take it home for everyone else?"

Abigail told me that her favorite thing about school is lunch time with her friends. Also she mentioned tracing all the letters was the hardest thing.

This was a great time for me. I'm so glad Abigail knows how to manage me and asks for time alone. I think I need to make a regular a schedule to do this with my kids.


  1. you're a cute dad Joel. I agree special time one on one is so fun and so important, its sad that it rarely happens. I'm proud of Abigail to ask for it. She will get her needs filled in life because she asks and doesn't expect a mind reader!!

  2. Thanks, Stacy. It is good that Abigail knows to ask for it. I think I'm going to put some recurring events on my calendar fro each of them.