24 December 2011


Christmas was great. We spent the traditional Christmas Eve with the rest of the Headleys, enjoying all our family traditions.

On Christmas day, we opened presents. Laura and I hosted a Christmas dinner, making only the second turkey of our married lives. The Souths, friends of ours, made Christmas dinner complete — great food and great company.

Laura, the chief elf in our household, loves to see the kids open lots of presents. As you can see, she made sure that happened this Christmas.

The "Welcome Home" sign is left over from our house sitter after our return from Disneyland.


  1. Did Gabe get buried in the wrapping or did he succumb to the napping?

  2. That's a good question. I'm not 100% sure where Gabriel was during the picture. He tended to find a single toy and play with that, ignoring any other presents.