08 June 2009

A Nice Family Night

We had a nice family night. After being able to spend a bit extra time with the family (I watched the kids while Laura had her penultimate OB appointment - we're getting close!!), we had a nice dinner of left overs, two lessons: 1. what makes you happy & 2. learn more about Dad (they're amazed no iPhone when I was young), and finally playing. The girls wrestled while I lifted Ben into the air. Good times. Baths happened without incident. And when Laura was getting real exhausted, I asked each of the kids to crawl into bed. They did!

A good night tonight. I have to document these - they actually *do* happen.

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait to see a post of the new baby! Keep us updated. The girls are getting so big! I wish we lived closer for family get togethers. Good luck!