17 April 2008

Crazy Rocky Mountain Weather

So two days ago it was 81 degrees. The kids and I went over to our neighbors for ice cream cones and to run in the sprinklers. Then we came home to have grilled hamburgers for dinner. It felt like spring was here to stay. The next day this is what it looked like with freezing temperatures.

Today is dwindling snow with some sunshine but still cold temperatures. I was so excited the day before yesterday. They say here, "if you don't like the weather, wait 20 minutes." It's so true! I've also heard you can feel all 4 seasons in one day here. That's been true as well. Well, here's to waiting for some warmer spring days. Hope wherever you are, it's the weather you love...


  1. We got near 85 here too, but it didn't ice over the next day!! I'm glad you had a little treat in the middle of all the cold. We're headed to the beach today. I'm planning on being very cold, but it should be fun anyway.

  2. WOW.... well the weather is doing the same here... Over last weekend it was 95 in san jose all weekend.. then monday it would get passed 61.... and has been cold all week so far!!!!
    the snow looks pretty though

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