13 March 2008

Leave your brother alone, Collette

Whenever I leave Ben in the middle of the room--you know to get some exercise or actually attempt to crawl (he's starting that part) Collette inevitably picks him up and drags him around the room. I'm not particularly fond of this because she worries me when she'll get dangerously close to a table, piano, corners, and well, let's be honest, throwing him down on his face. However, as it goes with Collette, her ears are apparently broken so she continues to put him down and then pick him back up to move him to a better spot. It usually ends with me cracking up (and then finally picking him up for good) because she'll keep "responding" to Ben as if he's asked her to move him. She'll say "okay, Ben, you can sit over here then." I'm sure he's eternally grateful for the 2 foot move. Here's some shots of this activity~


  1. Can't wait for Ryan to start doing that to Macie! It's kind of funny because Ben really isn't that much smaller than Collette:). I guess it's all about the pecking order--the big ones have to pick on the little ones.

  2. Too funny! I totally understand, but with us the kids like to lay on Taryn while she's in her bouncy. I feel like I say, "Get off" a million times a day.
    Miss ya

  3. She looks like she's swinging him around in circles! I love that she can "hear him" tell her things - that's how it starts (the voices in your head)! Hilarious!