31 August 2011

Our days with the Eccles!

My girlfriend Amanda and I made for super fast friends when we met at summer girls camp 17ish years ago. We have the same dorky, silly, goofy, and yet sarcastic humor. I could live right next door to her and never tire. So, we decided that this year we were going to get our families together and let all 10 kids play and go to town while we got to chat and catch up. I didn't know if we were crazy or if we had the best plan ever. I was betting on crazy but it turned out, the kids totally kept themselves busy almost ALL the time and we got to chat and catch up! It was a super time at their house!!

I missed taking pictures almost the whole first full day we were there. We went swimming at a friends house but you can see from a few posts down how that went with Abigail and Kael finding a fun way to keep them busy with the floatie dive. After missing out on some of those pics, I tried to make sure we caught other fun stuff on camera! I will higlight now:

After a full day in the pool, we came home and Amanda set up her water blow up slide. The kids had so much fun!

I know Ben's face looks terrified. And maybe he was. But he did keep going and going.

The next day we went to the local "country" swimming pool. Amanda and Tyler often refer to their town as "the country". It makes me laugh. Anyway, here are some shots of our time there-

This picture makes me laugh. It's Amanda with the youngest boys but Gabe cracks me up. He had his eyes closed a lot of the time, telling me it's "too bright" to open them.

Just because she's cute:

These guys had fun on the little water slides. In order: Abigail, Kael, and Collette coming down.

7 of 10 kids on a car at the park

10 kiddos before church. 10 doesn't look that bad, right? Such a cute bunch of kids!! This picture only took 50 shots to get one right :) (literally 50 shots)

The rest looked a lot like this:

And the reason why I went. I love this girl. My secret sister! (We seriously can't even take a picture together without cracking up)


  1. You guys were SO fun! Thanks for coming and sharing the weekend with us. It was prolly the most awesome weekend of the summer. Lol!

  2. Pacifically the parts I highlighted here, Amanda ;)

  3. Seriously - you two need better homeschoolin'!

    BTW - I'm glad you're able to comment on blogger again. Chrome FTW!

  4. Yes Joel! Don't be jealous...we are cool!