31 August 2011

First day of school

Laura made all the preparations. She went shopping for school supplies and new clothes. Making lunches and packing backpacks, Laura stayed up late making sure everything would go smoothly the next day. The girls kept chanting and squealing how excited they were for the first day of school.

We walked to school, dropped the kids off at their new classes and even got a short orientation from the principal. 

After work, the girls reported about their days. They both like their teachers and have familiar faces in their classrooms. Abigail is excited to learn cursive. And Collette was happy her teacher gave her a treat.

One thing could have gone a bit better. We need to remember to get those lunches out of the refrigerator before we walk to school. Hot lunches have their place for our kids on occasion.


  1. The girls will always remember the 1st day of school because it was that one time they had Hot lunch! My Kindergartner brought lunch on the first day but went in line with all the other kids and bought a hot lunch.