25 August 2011

Cute & Crying? No Problem

Tonight, it was night out with Abigail. We had dinner at Red Robin, enjoying our time together. Abigail is so sweet on our nights out, and I love spending the time with her.

Before we left and by the time we got home, Ben was begging to have his 'hideout' with Dad. So, I asked Laura if there was anything she needed from the store so I could placate Ben. She did, and we went to Target for school supplies. Of course, by going to Target, Ben wanted to get toys. I told him if he could find something for less than $2, we would get it.

Nothing at the store is less than $2. I got in line to buy the school supplies. Ben walked up with a toy, and I told him it was probably too much. He started to cry. The lady at the register said how cute Ben is and that he shouldn't cry. She took the toy and asked me how much I said we could spend. I told her, and she changed the price to $1.99 from $6.99.

What? Crying cuteness is the path to 70% discounts? Here's hoping to meeting that lady at Target more often with more expensive items and more crying kids.

1 comment:

  1. In ALL my years of shopping at Target I've never had that happen! ...Ben is adorable and it's really easy to see why that happened!