11 August 2011

Beach Camping

A few weeks ago I took the kids with me to go meet up with a sister in law and a LARGE group of people to go beach camping. I was a little nervous because I hadn't taken 4 kids camping alone ever before. I wasn't even really sure how to set up the tent alone. But, I was willing to give it a shot...why not, right?!

It turned out GREAT! I did need some help from some husbands around the campground to set up the tent. And after the first whole day at the beach where I didn't reapply enough sunscreen to Gabe's back which lead to a very uncomfortable sleep- And a slight scare that I had completely lost my car keys somewhere in the campground-- we enjoyed ourselves entirely! :)

It pretty much sums up the trip to say we ate, played at the beach, showered, and ate again. Repeat. I had a great time and would love to go again next year!

The nice part was there were TONS of kids there. It took my kids no time at all to make a group of friends and have fun. Here are the young boys' group. They had so much fun digging holes!

As you can see all of my kids, at one point, decided burying themselves in sand was a great idea~

Here's Ben and Nate on a lunch break~

I like this set of pictures. It shows the girls playing the water, jumping waves, and then running from the water

And here's what happens on the ride home after three days of beach camping :)