04 May 2011

Spring Break in Lake Tahoe

Over spring break, we rented a cabin large enough to fit the entire Spiker family - Laura's grandmother, parents, and her sister Mindy plus family - a total of 14 people. We had a great time in the mountains, which were covered in snow. Mostly it was great for the cousins to get together and spend time with each other. Unfortunately, this is a rarity, but it was good for everyone to reconnect. They loved being in the same room, all-together. Below they're getting ready for bed, reading books together.

Jacque (Gma to the kids) had all sorts of crafty activities for the kids. Among other things they finger painted, made jewelry, decorated cupcakes (for a birthday party), played games, and drew on the windows. Collette, with hair fixed up by Mindy, wears her necklace made during one of Gma's activities.

Hannah munching on a cupcake during the birthday party - a fun event to celebrate everyone's birthday this year.

Abigail and Paige were difficult to separate.

Jumping off the pier at Emerald Bay - just over a half mile and 300ft down from the road. You can vist Vikingsholm, which is pretty cool.

Like most of our other kids, Benjamin enjoys the snow, until he gets wet or cold. I've included a happy moment.

Finally, Gabriel was fun around the cabin, putting on my sunglasses and boots around the house.

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