30 May 2011

Collette's Birthday

We celebrated Collette's birthday on three different occasions.

We had the family birthday party, held jointly with Izzy, her cousin. It was great fun with a bounce house, food, cupcakes, and, of course, family. Collette, most excited for her birthday, because she gets presents!

Here's a favorite - a barbie doll.

Then, we went out to dinner on the day of her birthday - Red Robin - her pick. We also brought along a friend from school, Isabel, because she wouldn't be able to make her party. Mom & Dad got her gifts - a bunch of my little pet shops along with yet another doll.

Then, on Saturday, we had Collette's party with her friends. We decided to go have the party a a gymnastics play place. It was great, because both Laura and I have been under the weather. And being able to not plan the party was a great blessing.

Collette swinging on the ring.

Collette loves presents. That's all she would talk about in relation to her birthday. Everyone got her just what she wanted: cuddly stuffed animals, my little pet shops, and dolls. She was so excited. I think she may have gotten a duplicate of the pet shops - she gave the funniest little 'fake' smile. I didn't get it on camera, but she was trying to be so gracious. It was funny.

Collettes thinks carefully before she decides what wish to make.

Lastly, I was able to get a picture of the boys, with Ryan making a funny face.

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