07 July 2010

A glimpse into the future

Sometimes Ben doesn't nap until late in the day. And as many of you parents have experienced, there's always a struggle of either letting them nap late, and then being up late into that coveted time you have without children, or pushing them to stay awake and having a terrorizing child on your hands for a few hours at the end of the day. Neither are great choices or usually great outcomes but it's what happens while they are trying to outgrow naps.

The other day, I opted for the late nap and prepared myself for a late night of Ben awake with Joel and me. Around the time I found fitting for Ben to wake up (he will easily still sleep 3 hours so I try to stop him around 2) I opened up the door to his room and started to vacuum in the kitchen hoping it would help rouse him. When I opened the door, I saw him there sleeping sweetly and felt a tinge of guilt but was not too deterred. I left to vacuum. I returned when I was done and didn't see Ben anymore. See exhibit A:

Then I realized (after looking around the house a bit) that there was a tiny bit of head showing through. So I came in for a closer look and sure enough, I found this:

Yes! My son is there! Buzz lightyear and all!

It just made me laugh and think about the future. How he'll be as a teenager when I say it's time to get up for seminary-- if he's already this good at burying down in the covers when sounds that should arose him, but really just allow for deeper sleep farther under the covers.